ACLU 'All In' on Push for Civil Liberties in 2020 Election

The ACLU is putting $30 million into the 2020 election cycle to promote a vision of civil liberties that will require candidates running for president to support four broad planks in order to receive the organization’s support. 

The civil liberties group is pushing candidates on a campaign called “Rights for All,” which focuses on reproductive freedom, voting rights, criminal justice reform, and immigrant justice, it announced Sunday evening in an event livestreamed on YouTube.

The organization said in a statement announcing the initiative that the quartet of polices was the “minimum” commitment the group was asking candidates to commit to. 

“We don’t want the default positions that are in the party platform,” Ronald Newman, the ACLU’s interim national political director, told HuffPost. “We’re trying to advance civil liberties here.”

The group is backing that initiative up with cash.

“Between now and November 2020, the ACLU will spend $28-30 million engaging candidates and voters in our Rights for All effort,” the organization said in a statement.