Adam Rose Says It Was Difficult For Him To Watch E:60 Documentary

Adam Rose recently spoke to the folks at the Sporting News website to share his thoughts on last night’s ESPN E:60: Behind The Curtain documentary, which he was prominently profiled in.

Below are highlights from the interview.

On his reaction to the documentary: “I thought it was really well done. I think it was a really good look at all the different aspects of first what it takes to become a WWE superstar and secondly a personal look at what the guys go through to get there.”

On the documentary being hard for him to watch personally: “It makes you a little vulnerable when you see things that personal coming out,” he said. “For my wife, I think it was hard because she has been with me through the entire journey. She’s been with me through all the ups and all the downs. It’s hard for her to watch me go through all of that. And then to see it all pay off at the end of the day, I think we all share in the reward of that.”

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