AEW All Out Results (8/31): Inaugural Champion Crowned, Cody vs Spears, Escalera de la Muerte Ladder Match & More

AEW All Out Results
August 31, 2019
Hoffman Estates, IL

Live report by Matthew Wilkinson for


Leva Bates, Faby Apache, Priscilla Kelly, Nyla Rose and Shalandra Royale all start.

We are kicking things off with the Casino Battle Royale where the women of AEW will be battling it out to earn a spot in the first-ever AEW Women’s Championship match. Straight away everyone in the match attacks Nyla Rose but she is able to push away all four individuals and clocks Leva Bates but she hangs on, as Peter Avalon lays out some books to help her get back.

While that is going on, the first competitor is eliminated, Rose also launches Priscilla Kelly out of the ring as she cleans house early. Leva Bates then comes from behind with a boo but it causes no issues and Rose launches her out as well.

Penelope Ford, Shazza McKenzie, Sadie Gibbs, Big Swole and Britt Baker all enter.

The next five women are then brought out with Penelope Ford, Shazza McKenzie, Sadie Gibbs and Dr. Britt Baker all entering the match! Ford comes in strong from the top rope and then hits a back handspring, back elbow to attack Nyla Rose.

Shazza McKenzie takes the fight to Britt Baker, sending her to the apron, but she smartly gets the upper hand and eliminates McKenzie. Big Swole then makes her presence known as she takes down Nyla Rose and looks to continue but Rose picks her up and plants her onto the ring apron as she falls out. Rose continues her damage as she sends out Penelope Ford

Tenille Dashwood, Ivelisse, Bea Priestley, Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong all enter.

Tenille Dashwood is here!!! Britt Baker goes straight for Bea Priestley on the ramp as Brandi and Awesome Kong and Ivelisse also enter the match. Dashwood comes in hot whilst Ivelisse sends Sadie Gibbs into the bottom turnbuckle, but Tenille sends Ivelisse into her as she hits Taste Of Tenille on both.

Awesome Kong then makes her presence known, launching herself into Dashwood, but she then accidentally takes out Brandi Rhodes as others attack her. Rhodes gets up and is all alone with Nyla Rose but Brandi gets the best of her with a stunner whilst Kong eliminates Dashwood and Ivelisse.

Allie, Nicole Savoy, Teal Piper, ODB, and Jazz all enter.

The next set of names then enter which includes Allie, Jazz and more with Nicole Savoy squaring off to Kong, and you know how this ends. Kong tries to launch her out but she smartly hits a suicide dive and takes out a bunch of women who were fighting on the outside. ODB tries to get out a drink but Teil Piper pokes the eye to bring an end to that.

Rose and Kong then start fighting but Jazz makes her entrance to the situation, and OVB then gets involved as all four square of, but it is interrupted by others.

Now we have the Joker…MERCEDES MARTINEZ!!

During this time, several names have been eliminated, including Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes, but things have been very chaotic and it’s tough to follow. However, Martinez makes her way in and starts to clean house as she hits the Curb Stomp and then launches Nyla Rose across the ring.

Allie is then eliminated as Rose sends her out, but she then gets taken down by Gibbs who does the same to Martinez, but Bea Priestley begins fighting hard, and she eliminates Gibbs.

The final four:

Baker, Priestly, Martinez, Rose.

Bea gets caught by Nyla’s strength and is planed into the ring, but Martinez and Baker then work together to attack Rose and they work together, but Bea tries to eliminate the others and ends up saving Rose. However, Baker then hits a superkick and Martinez is gone and we are down to three.

Both women launch Nyla Rose over the ropes but she skins the cat and hangs on somehow, and then hits several splashes in the corner to both women. Baker then plants Bea Priestley with a standing destroyer and turns her attention back to Nyla Rose.

Priestley then rocks Baker with a headbutt, but she responds with a huge boot and eliminates her, however, Priestley grabs Baker’s arm and distracts her as Nyla Rose takes advantage and eliminates her, winning the match going bell to bell. Chaotic, but fun.

Winner: Nyla Rose

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