AJ Styles On Jeff Jarrett Helping Him & WWE Talents In ‘Other Companies’, More Stars Talk Jarrett, Belair Trains (Videos)

WWE has released the above and below videos.

Dolph Ziggler, Xavier Woods, WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page and others react to the announcement of Jeff Jarrett being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2018.

You don’t become The EST of NXT by taking it easy inside the weight room, as Bianca Belair proves with this punishing leg workout.

AJ Styles On Jeff Jarrett Helping Him & WWE Talents In ‘Other Companies’

WWE has also released the following video, featuring AJ Styles discussing the influence Jarrett has had on the WWE Champion’s career.

Styles says he was super excited when he heard the news of Jarrett heading into to the Hall of Fame because Jarrett began his career in WWE.

Outside of being a wrestler, Styles says Jarrett has been through a lot, namely his wife passing. Styles adds he is glad to be a friend of Jarrett’s because he has a great family and he’s glad to be around him.

Styles then references Jarrett helping current WWE talents in “other companies”, but does not name Impact Wrestling or TNA specifically, and says that he is probably the one who Jarrett has helped the most:

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