Alexa Bliss On Facing Trish Stratus, Her WWE 2K19 Character, What’s Next For Women’s Wrestling & More

Former Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss recently spoke with Cultaholic about WWE Evolution, WWE 2K19, what’s next for women’s wrestling and more. Below are some highlights and you can check out the full interview in the video player at the top of the article.

On her WWE 2K19 character:

“I love it, I think it’s so realistic. It’s crazy how each year our characters get more and more realistic to the point where it’s kind of eerie, how precise it is but I think it’s awesome. Our entrances are cool the signs even in the background, it’s little details that are amazing.”

On facing Trish Stratus:

“I am very excited, I watched Trish growing up, her and Rey Mysterio were my favorites and to be able to have that opportunity I am super grateful for that. When we had the all women’s Royal Rumble, I couldn’t be in the match but it was so cool to see all the legends and NXT girls come together and I was so bummed out I couldn’t be in that moment so now to have that opportunity, I’m excited.”

What is next for women’s wrestling:

“I would say main event WrestleMania, that is going to be the top of the pyramid and I don’t think it’s that far off.”

Finally, the former Raw Women’s Champion played a game of word association and below you can see her first thoughts on several different people:

Ronda Rousey- “Rookie”

Vince McMahon- “Intimidating”

Mojo Rawley-“Hyper”

Charlotte Flair-“Athletic”

Becky Lynch-“Attitude”

Women’s Wrestling- “Amazing”

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