Another Detailed Live Backlash Report – HBK Injured?; More Live Notes reader Katie reporting…

Miz/Morrison beat Jimmy Wang Yang/Shannon Moore in a dark match after Miz hit the Reality Check on Moore.

Arena was sold out and lively all night.

Lilian came out to a huge pop, as did JR/King/Tazz/Foley. Mike Adamle and Michael Cole both got some heat.

Lilian sang the Anthem and got a huge pop as always for an amazing rendition. All night long the crowd was giving Cena heat, even before they started letting people in the building. Tons of “Cena Sucks” chants. They just hated him and loved when JBL/Cena got eliminated and it came down to HHH and Orton.

Shawn Michaels seemed legitimately hurt after his match. Jericho was helping him out, and two refs came down and I saw one throw up the X Symbol. He seemed to be favoring his knee.

Khali got some major heat, probably the most all night. “You can’t wrestle!” and “Khali sucks!” and “Boring” chants were heard during the match.

After the show, HHH celebrated and posed with the belt before leaving. Orton slowly walked up the rant to a rousing “Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Good Bye!” chant. He stopped on the ramp a few times, and then finally just left.

All in all, a pretty good show.

-Katie, reader.

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