As Clinton 'Hustles' Big Cash Donors, Sanders Touts Ties to Working Families

White House contender Bernie Sanders got back on message at Pennsylvania’s AFL-CIO convention on Thursday, trumpeting his platform of Medicare-for-All, free higher education, and a $15 minimum wage to a reportedly receptive audience of organized workers and their families.

“I believe that we need to pass legislation that will make it easier, not harder, to join labor unions,” he said.

His speech, however, was not barb-free, zeroing in on the candidates’ different approaches to campaigning.

“I will not leave here this morning and go to a Wall Street fundraiser,” Sanders told the crowd gathered in Philadelphia, which applauded. “I will not be—I will not be hustling money from the wealthy and the powerful. I grew up, in a sense, in this movement. You are my family. And we will win or lose this campaign on the backs of working families.”

His rival Hillary Clinton has drawn fire for hopping on and off the campaign trail to raise money with, and from, high-powered lobbyists and Wall Street elite.

Just this week, Intercept reporter Zaid Jilani wrote: “As Hillary Clinton questions rival Bernie Sanders over the depth of his financial reform ideas this week, a group of former government officials—once tasked with regulating Wall Street and now working in the financial industry or as Wall Street lobbyists—are participating in a fundraiser for her in the nation’s capital.”