Atlas DaBone Injury Update, AWA On ESPN Classic Match Schedule


— Regarding WWE developmental wrestler Atlas DaBone’s torn ligament knee injury, he suffered the injury at a Raw house show back in January. He’s been out of action for two months because of it.

— Here is this week’s schedule for AWA Wrestling on ESPN Classic:

March 5th:
– Cooper vs. Larry Zbyszko.
– Tabb vs. Brad Rheingans.
– Midnight Rockers vs. Sweat & Crenshaw.
– Cage Match: Brody & Barbarian vs. Jimmy Snuka & Greg Gagne. (This would be the WrestleRock 86 match)
Taped – 9/18/1986

March 6th:
– Rob Stone vs. Scott Hall
– Richards & Frankie DeFalko vs. Yuri Gordyenko & Alexis Smirnoff
– Tony Leoni & Dennis Stamp vs. Midnight Rockers (Yes, that is THE Dennis Stamp of “Beyond The Mat” fame)
– Larry Zbyszko vs. Curt Hennig .
Taped – 9/28/1986

March 7th:
– C. Curtis vs. Marty Jannetty
– Barbarian & Boris Zhukov vs. C. Bassett & Spike Jones
– Earthquake Ferris vs. Scott Hall
– Jerry Blackwell vs. Bruiser Brody

March 8th:
– Clark vs. Larry Zbyszko
– Knight vs. Marty Jannetty
– Pinky Sanchez vs. Bruiser Brody
– Buddy Rose & Doug Summers vs. Curt Hennig & Scott Hall (Tag Team Title)

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