Was Yasser Arafat Murdered? Who Cares.

The news world is all abuzz with the possibility that “Palestinian” leader Yasser Arafat was murdered.

The big story was broken by the most “trustworthy” of sources… al-Jazeera, a news network sometimes known for its terrorist ties.

Al-Jazeera’s investigation into Arafat’s death has revealed that his clothing has traces of the radioactive material polonium-210, suggesting that radioactive poisoning led to his death. Now the questions are flying… how could this happen? Who could be responsible for his death?

I have my own questions.

1. Why did al-Jazeera decide now, eight years after Arafat’s death, to test his clothing?

2. If Arafat was truly murdered – who really cares? Aren’t terrorists supposed to be targeted and killed?

Yasser Arafat created the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1964. Three years before the Israeli “occupation” of Judea/Samaria (West Bank) and the Gaza Strip. If the PLO was formed three years in advance of the occupation – where was this ‘Palestine’ that he was hoping to liberate?

That would obviously be the State of Israel – Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem (the western half), Be’er Sheba included. The map of Israel is included in the PLO emblem, not just the “occupied” parts, answering our question. Of course, Jordan, the eastern half of Palestine under the British Mandate was ignored. Only the Jewish presence in the Land needed to be murdered and expelled.

Yasser Arafat was a murderer of Americans as well as Israelis. Unarmed men, women and children were targets of this “liberation” movement. School buses were deemed legitimate targets. Olympics athletes as well.

In later years, Arafat supposedly became a man of “peace” – but one who spoke of war in Arabic to his brothers, and of peace to the Western media.

Yasser Arafat was a murderer, plain and simple, of hundreds of innocents. Whether or not he was targeted doesn’t much matter. The only question that matters now is why he wasn’t killed sooner.

CNN’s Erin Burnett Reveals How Little She Knows About Steele Dossier

CNN anchor Erin Burnett made multiple false claims Friday about the Steele dossier, including the long-debunked assertion that the salacious anti-Trump report was first funded by Republicans.

During her show, Burnett also falsely claimed that a newly released report produced on behalf of BuzzFeed News supported allegations that dossier author Christopher Steele made about Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian tech executive. She also asserted, without citing evidence, that many of the claims made in the dossier have been verified.

“New tonight, President Trump slamming the Steele dossier on Twitter calling it the, quote, ‘fake dossier paid for by crooked Hillary,’” Burnett began, referring to a Trump tweet earlier on Friday.

“Let’s just make sure we share the facts with you,” said Burnett. “It was paid for, right, by a conservative website funded by a Republican donor. That was the firm that paid for the dossier to get it started. As far as it being fake, we have a lot we don’t know. We do know several allegations in the dossier are true and tonight we’re learning more.”

In reality, Steele was working for Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm that was hired by the Clinton campaign and DNC to investigate Donald Trump. Prior to being hired by Democrats, Fusion GPS worked for The Washington Free Beacon, a website funded by Republican billionaire Paul Singer. That contract ended when Trump won the Republican primaries. (Related: Connections: Fusion GPS and the Trump Dossier)

And contrary to what Burnett claimed on her show, none of the dossier’s key allegations about collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia have been verified in the two-plus years since its publication. And one of its most serious claims — that Michael Cohen visited Prague to pay off hackers — was disputed by the former Trump attorney during a sworn congressional hearing last month.

Burnett joins a long list of journalists who have made the false claim about the dossier’s funding. Former FBI Director James Comey has also falsely claimed that Republicans first funded Steele’s report.

During her show, Burnett touted a report produced by Anthony Ferrante, a former FBI agent who was hired by BuzzFeed as part of its legal battle with Gubarev.

Steele claimed in one of his dossier’s memos that Gubarev was recruited under “duress” by Russian spies and played a “significant” role in hacking Democrats’ computer systems. Gubarev sued Steele and BuzzFeed, which published the dossier on Jan. 10, 2017, for defamation.

On Thursday, Ferrante’s final investigative report and deposition were unsealed along with a slew of other documents from the lawsuit.

Ferrante, who was paid $4.1 million by BuzzFeed, found no evidence supporting the key claim about Gubarev. Instead, he determined only that Gubarev’s companies “have provided gateways to the internet for cybercriminals and Russian state-sponsored actors to launch and control large scale malware campaigns over the past decade.”

Ferrante, who joined CNN as a contributor in January, also dinged Gubarev for failing to “actively prevent cybercriminals from using their infrastructure.”

Gubarev’s lawyer, Evan Fray-Witzer, dismissed the BuzzFeed-funded report in a statement on Thursday.

“Buzzfeed spent $4.1 million on a team of former FBI agents to try to prove that Gubarev and his companies did what was alleged in the Steele Dossier and came up empty-handed,” he said.

“The Dossier didn’t say: ‘hey, someone might have misused XBT’s networks as part of the hack of the DNC,’” said Fray-Witzer.

“The Dossier directly and unequivocally accused Alex Gubarev of having been corrupted by the FSB and having personally hacked (or directed others to hack) the DNC.  And that defamatory statement was, and is, a lie, plain and simple.”

Fray-Witzer also noted that Gubarev has not been approached by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Gubarev and his companies have also not been mentioned in Mueller’s indictments of Russian nationals accused of hacking Democrats’ email systems.

While Burnett was quick to claim that parts of the dossier have been verified, CNN has generally avoided discussing a recent development that undercut one of the Steele report’s most startling claims: that former Trump fixer Michael Cohen visited Prague during the 2016 campaign to pay off hackers.

That allegation suffered a fatal blow on Feb. 27, when Cohen denied during a congressional hearing that he has ever visited Prague or the Czech Republic.

CNN’s own Jake Tapper has also undercut the Cohen allegation. On Jan. 11, 2017, the day after BuzzFeed published the dossier, Tapper claimed on air that a U.S. government official told him that a different Michael Cohen had visited Prague. Tapper and CNN have since not revisited that statement.

Cohen’s Prague denial was mentioned on Burnett’s show Friday, but it came at the tail end of the segment fluffing the dossier’s claims about Gubarev.

Millennials Most Likely To Post Deceptive Vacation Photos To Make Social Media Followers Jealous

More than one third (36 percent) of Millennials (ages 18-34) have aimed to deceive their followers by posting social media vacation images that make trips look better than they are, according to the 10th annual 2018 Vacation Confidence Index*, released by Allianz Global Assistance. The study found that 15 percent of Gen X’ers (ages 35 – 54) and five percent of Baby Boomers (ages 55+) have done the same.

Of those who confessed to this social media deception, 65 percent do so in an attempt to make others envious, while 51 percent use it as an opportunity to compete with others who do the same. Of all respondents, guilty of social media deception or not, men are slightly more likely than women to post vacation photos on social media to make friends/family jealous (men: 28 percent and women: 16 percent) and compete with others (men: 22 percent and women: eight percent).

Millennials may be known for their attachment to technology while sleeping, working and traveling, but the new report sheds light on how and why they use social media to document and inspire their wanderlust. Millennials are more likely than any other age group to document their travel on social media, but the reasons for doing so vary: 63 percent post about their vacations on social media to look back on the trip with rose-colored glasses; 58 percent to share photos in which they look best; 52 percent to post photos in which their surroundings look best; 37 percent to make friends/family jealous; and 27 percent to compete with others who post pictures of their own vacations.

Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers are not immune to the lure of social media in order to: look back on a trip (Gen X’ers: 46 percent and Baby Boomers: 23 percent); share photos in which they look best (Gen X’ers: 45 percent and Baby Boomers: 20 percent) and in which their surroundings look best (Gen X’ers: 44 percent and Baby Boomers: 15 percent); provoke jealousy (Gen X’ers: 20 percent and Baby Boomers: nine percent) and compete with others (Gen X’ers: 14 percent and Baby Boomers: three percent).

Ironically, those who have used social media in a deceptive manner are more likely to trust social media posts from users, brands and media. Of the respondents who posted on social media to make their vacation look better than reality, 87 percent trust posts from people they personally know; 69 percent trust those from brands; 69 percent trust media organizations/news outlets and 60 percent trust social users they do not know personally, including celebrities and social media influencers. Of all respondents, whether or not they’ve engaged in social media deception, 86 percent trust the accuracy of social media posts from people they know personally; 55 percent from brands; 46 percent from media organizations/news outlets and 31 percent from users they do not know.

With the role social media plays in the lives of Millennials, more than half (51 percent) feel that social media posts influence their own travel planning choices. Three in ten Americans of all age groups admit their travel planning choices are somewhat or very influenced by social media posts. Despite the prevalence of social media influencers working with destinations and brands, these respondents are still most influenced by posts of friends and family (63 percent), over posts from media and news organizations (11 percent), users they do not know personally (nine percent) or brands (eight percent).

Half (49 percent) of Americans say Facebook is the social media platform that most inspires them to travel, followed by Instagram (35 percent), Pinterest (19 percent), Twitter (13 percent) and Snapchat (13 percent). More than a third (34 percent) say that social media platforms do not inspire them to travel. Women are more likely to be inspired by Pinterest (25 percent of women compared to 12 percent of men) and men by Twitter (20 percent of men compared to seven percent of women).

“Social media changes the way we live, work, play and of course, travel. As millennials continue to lead trends, it will be interesting to see if social deception becomes a more common and even acceptable activity when portraying vacations to friends, family and followers,” says Dan Durazo, director of communications, Allianz Global Assistance USA. “Whether you plan to make your vacation look better than it was or not, the right travel insurance policy can protect you from the unexpected things that may go wrong – and your social media followers will never need to know that the trip wasn’t as perfect as it looked on Instagram.”


Have you ever posted images to your social media account(s) to make your vacations look better than they actually are in reality?




Gen X’ers 
(35 – 5

Baby Boomers

Yes, more than once






Yes, but just once






No, never






I don’t use social media accounts






I try to make friends and family back home envious by posting pictures of my vacation on social media

Strongly/Somewhat Agree






Strongly/Somewhat Disagree






I try to compete with others who post pics of their vacations on social media by posting my own, better photos

Strongly/Somewhat Agree






Strongly/Somewhat Disagree






I post pics of my vacation on social media so that I can look back on my trip with rose-colored glasses once I’m home

Strongly/Somewhat Agree






Strongly/Somewhat Disagree






I take lots of pictures of myself on vacation and only post the shots where I look best

Strongly/Somewhat Agree






Strongly/Somewhat Disagree






I take lots of pictures of myself on vacation and only post the shots where my surroundings look best

Strongly/Somewhat Agree






Strongly/Somewhat Disagree






Taking Cue From Obama, Nigeria Plans Big Phone Giveaway

Remember this lady?

She and her friends were going to vote for Obama because he was giving out free phones. Of course, the Democratic party did not buy phones from her but did it matter? She got a phone and she was voting for the guy who got it for her.

Today the BBC is reporting that a political party in Nigeria wants to give out free phones to country’s poor.  According to the agriculture minister the phones will be paid for by a tax and given to women and rural farmers.

Like the Lifeline program the phones may not be directly handed out by politicians but one has to wonder how many will believe they’re getting their free phone courtesy of the political party currently in office?

BBC: All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) General Secretary Tijani Tumsa said the plan was a “mischievous vote-catching exercise” for the 2015 elections. Last week, the agriculture minister said the phones would help farmers “drive an agriculture revolution”. Akinwumi Adesina said their purchase would be financed through a tax. He denied reports that the government had already set aside $400m (£249m) to buy the phones.

Mr Tumsa told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme the scheme was a ploy by the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to “connect” with voters in rural areas in the build-up to elections. He said he doubted the plan would boost the farming sector. “You are just creating business for the telecom companies. You are not impacting on agricultural production in Nigeria, unless the purpose is to have more phone coverage,” Mr Tumsa added.

Defending the scheme, Mr Adesina said Nigeria had the highest number of mobile phones in Africa – an estimated 110 million – but many Nigerians in rural areas did not have them.

Read the complete article at the BBC News.

Five Dropshipping Tips for New Business Owners

For new online shop owners, they considered dropshipping as one of the best business models. Simply because a dropship store is very easy to start, low cost, offer lower risks, and it is highly automated.

As a matter of fact, Google Trends has recently revealed that dropshipping became more popular and lots of dropshipping companies, as well as suppliers like Dropship Direct and Doba, came into existence.

Not to mention, dropshipping applications like Oberlo also let every marketer or business owner to further make more efficient the process of dropshipping. That is why there is no doubt many individuals are interested in dropshipping.

However, even though getting started to dropshipping is easy, others find it difficult especially for new entrepreneurs and marketers as well. For that reason, we have listed some useful tips that new entrepreneurs should know before entering the world of dropshipping.

Let’s get started.

Tip #1. Choose the Right Drop Ship Supplier

In today’s day and age, there are lots of drop ship suppliers out there that is why choosing the right one can be a daunting task. However, there are two steps to picking the right supplier.

  • Supplier Audit. In this step, make sure to check all the details such as reviews and the range of products they are selling. By auditing the supplier, you will be able to determine their quality and credibility.

  • Restrict your list. You can do this step by simply comparing their services, guarantees, and product prices.

Tip #2. Focus on Marketing

Since dropshipping businesses are fully automated, for sure you will have more time to market your business. However, while regulating a site, as well as creating graphics and designing logos can be fun, marketing is the best way to earn more money. That is why a new marketer or entrepreneur, make sure to spend some of your time in learning how to grow traffic and how come up a marketing strategy that works.

Tip #3. Avoid Selling Your Products at a very low cost

Products from Oberlo Supply and AliExpress allows you to keep your product prices low. Even so, when setting a price it is a general rule that it should be close to the product’s wholesale price. In fact, the main purpose of dropshipping is to be cost-effective. That is why when setting a price make sure to consider your other business expenses and resources.

Tip #4. Make sure that Your Business Website is Presentable

It is considered as one of the most significant dropshipping tips. Actually, the common mistake made by new online store owners is that they are publishing their website with lots of missing options. So as a result, customers tend to look for a website that is presentable and loaded with useful information.

Tips #5. Make use of Oberlo Supply

As we have mentioned a while ago, Oberlo is considered as one of the most popular drop ship suppliers. In fact, Oberlo supply will let you to Dropship items with good quality from the best and reputable suppliers. Also, you will be able to find lots of products that are related to your niche.


There you have it the five dropshipping tips for new entrepreneurs. So if you’re a new business owner, make sure to follow these tips for you to become successful in your dropshipping business.

A Group Of Senators And Reps Got Together To Hash Out Their Plan For The Border. Here’s What They Came Up With

Lawmakers met in a bicameral committee conference Wednesday to hash out Homeland Security appropriations for fiscal year 2019, coming out even more assured that a strong law enforcement presence is necessary to prevent illegal immigration and drug trafficking after speaking with border patrol experts.

Border patrol professionals spoke to committee members about challenges they face while guarding the southern border — an area that has become a focus of divisiveness between Democrats and Republicans, who have not come to an agreement on a solution to decrease the amount of illegal immigrants coming into the U.S.

“The point was made today that because of the better detection at the points of entry for illegal drugs that they are picking up more and more drugs coming in not at the ports of entry but the unpatrolled areas of the border,” Republican West Virginia Sen. Shelley Capito told a group of reporters inside the Capitol. “In some sense, maybe the cartels and others are sensing that because these are unpatrolled areas they are much more vulnerable, and that’s troubling to me coming from the state that I represent.”

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, a Republican, said he hoped the conference would “lead to serious substantive talks and a solution.”

Lawmakers must make a compromise by Feb. 15 to prevent an additional government shutdown.

Republican North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven, alongside Shelby and Capito, described the need for a “three-legged stool” approach to protecting the border.

“Yes, you need technology, yes, you need personnel — but you also have to have a border barrier,” he said.

Shelby indicated a comprehensive solution must include a barrier, without one they are just wasting time he said.

Republican Georgia Rep. Tom Graves said he had a whole new appreciation for border patrol personnel after the conference.

“What they deal with is absolutely incredible, so for anyone to leave this meeting today and not accept the facts that are out there about the challenges that they face every day on the border is not an accurate representation of what we perceived today,” he said.

Democratic leaders previously assured negotiations would resume when the government re-opened, but it is still unclear who is going to budge first.

“I feel that we have taken a step forward, and we are ready to now put the pencils on the paper and get back to work,” Capito said.

Benghazi Biggest Political Scandal in Modern History; Main Stream Media Continues to Set False Narratives

Watergate was a “cover-up” of a group of over zealous Nixon administration officials hiring 5 men to burglarize  the “Watergate” building where the DNC offices were located. Wiretaps and burglarizing the Democratic National Headquarters were the crimes.  This to date, is the biggest scandal and “cover-up” of modern politics.  It pales in comparison to the “Benghazi-gate” cover-up.   Four fellow Americans are dead, and the White House’s “official” statements following the attacks were lies .  Veteran Political “Operative”, for the Obama Administration, David Axelrod took to the airwaves Sunday October 14, and Fox’s Chris Wallace attempted to hold his feet to the fire.  Yet, we are left with the same questions.  From that interview we  learn just what Veep Joe Biden was talking about in regards to his explanation on Benghazi:

WALLACE: But, David, just the day before, several State Department officials testified under oath that there were repeated requests for more security that were rejected. What is the vice president talking about?

AXELROD: I think the vice president was talking about what the White House knew. There are embassies all over the world and installations all over the world, and these requests go into the security professionals at the State Department. And there is no doubt, some of these matters went into the security department at the state security agency at the State Department. But it didn’t come to the White House and that what is the vice president was responding to.

WALLACE: So, we’re now getting into a definition of what the word “we” means. When the vice president says “we” he’s not talking about the Obama administration, because, the question was not about what you knew, it is that there were requests for more security. Biden is not talking about the Obama administration. He’s not talking about the State Department.

He’s just talking about himself and the president?

AXELROD: No, I think, Chris. Again, he was talking about was what he, the president knew because these matters were being handled at the State Department.

What?  Axelrod answers “NO” and then in fact answers the question with a definitive “YES”.    And what he is admitting to is this–that the President didn’t know there were “requests” for more security in Benghazi.  How would he know?  Obama has not been attending these “Security briefings”, in fact the day after the attack, instead of cancelling his campaign trip to Nevada, the President again, skips the briefings.  Axelrod admits to this in the Fox interview.

WALLACE: The reason I ask this is because you say, well, the president made a statement. Yes. The president made a statement, and then he went off to a fundraiser or to a campaign stop in Nevada.

Question, before he went to the fundraiser in Nevada, did he meet with his National Security Council to try to sort out the shifting stories, because State said they never said it was a spontaneous demonstration and intel did, you are quite right — did he meet with the national security council before he went to campaigning in Nevada?

AXELROD: Chris, I assure you that the president was in contact with all those who had information and responsibility in the national security chain about this incident.

As the “spin” intensifies, enter the Main Stream Media.  Watergate had “Woodward and Bernstein”.  We have lost any real journalist on that level who will risk everything in pursuit of truth.  The NY Times editorial on Sunday October 14th entitled “No Shame” cites the Republicans and Darryl Issa as the hypocrites, who cut the budget for security personnel.  That’s interesting, since Susan Lamb testified under oath that “budget” matters had no bearing on the denial of the requests for added security.  In an article by “Time Magazine” entitled “After Benghazi, Is Al-Queda back?” addresses the “Arab Spring” and the Democratically elected new leaders in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia as examples of pillars of “Islamist” who denounce Al-Queda.  This is just plain spin, and the facts are anything but what this article in Time Magazine is implying!  Morsi in Egypt is part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He has asked for the release of the “Blind Sheik” and here is footage from the rally held the night Morsi was elected.    That video is a Muslim Brotherhood Cleric speaking at the same podium Morsi took to just a few minutes later.

Yet, these Muslim Brotherhood backed Candidates, who are sweeping elections in all these Middle eastern countries, according to Time magazine, are the good guys?  This is what happened as a result of this so called Arab Spring.   Just as in Iran in 1979, we have radical Islamist organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood who backs and is in fact the Party in which President Morsi is leader of, taking power and bolstering this radical agenda, which has ties to Al-Queda.  Make no mistake, what is going on in the Middle East is anything but the Democratic process,  as Lara Logan knows too well.

As the spin continues to add up, the headlines on Benghazi are no where to be found in any major “Main Stream” source.  The questions that remain unanswered, are these:

Why did the Obama Administration roll out Susan Rice with a false narrative about a YouTube video?  I myself, link this back to the UN Blasphemy Laws Rice signed onto back in December 2011, and spoke to this in my last article here.    Who within the Obama Administration came up with this false narrative about this YouTube video?  This question goes to the heart of the cover-up, and remains unanswered. 

It is “malarkey” Joe Biden, to think that NO ONE at the State Department , after witnessing in real time that barbaric coordinated attack, that no one called over to the White House?  Yet, that is what you are trying to sell us, right Joe?  You and Barack, just didn’t know a thing!    You didn’t know about any of what was going on in the Security Briefings, you didn’t know about any “requests”,  you didn’t know your own State Department was watching a massacre in real time, you didn’t know 10 days after it had nothing to do with a YouTube video, and you didn’t know what the  White House approved of Rice to say, was not the truth.  May I ask, do you Joe, or Barack know anything about running this Country?

This is and should be the lead story on every paper and website in the US.  There should be journalist outside the White House lining up demanding answers to these blatant lies, and false narratives.  Nixon resigned instead of face impeachment.  Many say we lost all faith in the office of President at that time.  Benghazi is the place we lost all faith in our “Fourth Estate”.   And we must realize its dead and gone.  Carry on my fellow Americans, we will continue to seek the truth, I know we will.

Veteran talks Texas pride and needs of vets during ‘Walk of America’

USMC veteran Larry Hinkle (blue shirt on the left) joined other walkers and Wounded Warrior Project to tour the Center for the Intrepid at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. Larry and other warriors taking part in the Walk Of America found inspiration seeing how amputee veterans are cared for. (PRNewsfoto/Wounded Warrior Project)

When Larry Hinkle talks about Texas, the pride the U.S. Marine Corps veteran has in the Lone Star state is evident.

“I’m a fifth-generation Texan,” Larry said, beaming about his home.

He is one of three American warriors selected to join three British veterans to walk 1,000 miles around the United States. Walk of America is designed to increase awareness of the needs of veterans in the U.S. and U.K. while also raising funds to help veterans service organizations provide for this generation of wounded warriors.

Larry recently walked into San Antonio with the five other veterans on the journey, ending the day’s trek outside the Alamo, another source of Texas pride.

The six warriors’ journey started in early June in Long Beach, California. After two weeks, the group had experienced multiple California climates while walking more than 100 miles. Week two saw the veterans of six U.S. and U.K. branches of service hike on to San Antonio.

“Getting to visit Brooke Army Medical Center and see warriors – that is a source of inspiration; that is who we are walking for,” Larry said.

Week two also gave Larry a chance to share the pride of his home state.

“There is so much history in Texas, so much patriotism.”

Larry is one of three Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) veterans taking part in the walk. WWP partnered with Walking With The Wounded to raise awareness of the challenges warriors face while also providing an opportunity for the veterans involved. The two nations fought so well together as coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq that partnering to take on the invisible wounds of war seemed only natural.

“We’ve been in the same places, the same trenches. There is just an immediate connection.”

Camaraderie from his days in the service returned through his bonds with other veterans in the Walk of America. Sunday, Larry and the group will participate in the start of an Astros game.

“I can’t wait for the Brits to get a Texas-sized welcome in Houston.”

Here Are The Red House Seats Democrats Are Already Working To Turn Blue In 2020

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) released its list of 32 House Republicans it will target ahead of the 2020 election Monday after picking up 40 seats in the 2018 midterm elections.

Some of the names seem like long shots — like long-serving Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot, who won by more than four points — but others, like Texas Rep. Will Hurd, survived on margins of less than one point, reported Roll Call.

“Many of the districts on our list have big suburban populations; many have also experienced rapid population growth in recent years – particularly in diverse communities,”  DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos said in the press release. “This leaves Democrats with a large number of ripe pick-up opportunities.”

The DCCC wants to flip suburban districts like the ones held by Republican Reps. George Holding of North Carolina, Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington and Ann Wagner of Missouri.

Here are other House Republicans the Democrats are already targeting for 2020:

The Veterans

The DCCC’s list of 32 Republicans and one open seat (North Carolina’s 9th district, which is investigating alleged election fraud) include some veteran lawmakers who would have seemed like shoe-ins until recently.

New York Rep. Chris Collins squeaked by with less than half a percent in November after he was indicted for securities fraud in August. California Rep. Duncan Hunter says he’s not guilty of allegations he misused roughly $250,000 in campaign funds, and he also defeated his Democratic rival for another term. Hunter beat Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar by roughly three points.

Also on the list? Iowa Republican Steve King. He’s set to face challenges from both the left and the right after losing his committee assignments for saying he didn’t understand when the term “white supremacist” became “offensive” language. Republican Iowa state Sen. Randy Feenstra announced he was running against King in January.

Other longtime Republican lawmakers on the DCCC’s list include Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis, who won by less than a point in 2018, and Georgia Rep. Rob Woodall, who squeaked by with just 419 more votes than his opponent according to Roll Call.

There are numerous Republicans on the list who the DCCC will have a much harder time unseating. For example, New York Rep. John Katko had about a five-point lead on his rival in 2018 despite being in a district that Hillary Clinton won in 2016, according to Ballotpedia.

Also seemingly safe are Reps. Brian Mast of Florida, who’s more of a newcomer, and Scott Tipton of New Mexico.

The Freshmen

These Republican lawmakers just got into office, but the DCCC is already planning ahead to make them one-term representatives. The DCCC’s hit list includes freshman Reps. Chip Roy of Texas and Jim Hagedorn of Minnesota.

And the DCCC is already on the attack against freshman Florida Rep. Ross Spano, calling him “unfit” for potential campaign finance violations he has yet to clear up, reported Florida Politics. But Spano was also one of many lawmakers who chose to forgo his congressional salary during the partial government shutdown that ended Jan. 25, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

The “open” seat on the DCCC’s list is for North Carolina’s 9th District. Republican Mark Harris is the apparent winner over Democrat Dan McCready, but allegations of voter fraud have kept the race from being certified for months.