Backstage Details On The Release Of Eugene; Escorted Out Of Building


It was reported last night that Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore was released by WWE.

Dinsmore was quite surprised by the release. Dinsmore was slated to take a more active role in Ohio Valley Wrestling working with some of the talent, so the release was said to have been a complete shock to him. He was at the building for the SmackDown taping and was in the talent meeting conducted by Stephanie McMahon. Following the meeting, he was notified of his release from the company and was promptly escorted out of the building.

Dinsmore was not among the names listed by media as being a client of Signature Pharmacy, but his release is said to have been due to a WWE Wellness Program violation. Dinsmore had been previously suspended after he was rushed to the hospital one night in November 2005 after passing out in a hotel lobby. He was suspended indefinitely and sent to rehab for two weeks. A further report days later announced that Dinsmore admitted to taking prescription drugs such as somas. This coincided with the announcement of WWE’s new drug policy following the death of Eddie Guerrero.

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