Backstage News on Heavy Machinery's Future in WWE; Lars Sullivan & EC3 Call Ups

— According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the future of Heavy Machinery on the main roster will ultimately depend on Vince McMahon’s perception of Otis Dozovic, specifically whether Vince finds him funny or not. If McMahon loves him, they will be “okay” but eventually will break up and feud with one another. If Vince ends up not liking Dozovic, the Observer adds that the tag team will likely end up going nowhere and occupy a role similar to the Ascension or SAnitY.

— Meanwhile, the call-ups of EC3 and Lars Sullivan clearly shows Vince McMahon going back to what he likes. Sullivan is a monster and Vince “loves” wrestlers with impressive physical builds. EC3 has a good physique which is something that Vince also puts a lot of emphasis on.