Backstage News & Update on Curt Hawkins’ Losing Streak

Ever since Curt Hawkins (Bryan Myers) made his return to the WWE last 2016, he has not won a single match. He even had a T-Shirt made for him be the WWE when he surpassed the 150 match losing streak. After suffering another defeat in a recent WWE Live Event, Curt Hawkins’ losing streak is now at 175. 
Curt Hawkins is already thinking about writing a book about his achievement which he will call: Reverse Goldberg: The Curt Hawkins Story. Below is the tweet sent out by Curt Hawkins on his losing streak and the possible book:

Hit an historical 0-175 tonight. Win or lose I’ll for sure be remembered in this business either way. Thinking about titling my book…
Reverse Goldberg:
The Curt Hawkins Story.
— Brian Myers (@TheCurtHawkins) February 18, 2018

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