Backstage Reaction To Hardy's Suspension, Jericho Makes History


— Chris Jericho’s Intercontinental title win last night made history. Jericho is the first WWE superstar to ever hold the title 8 times. In an interesting piece of trivia, Jericho lost his 7th Intercontinental title at Cyber Sunday back in 2004. That event was held at Milwaukee’s Bradley Center – the site of last night’s RAW where he won the title back over 40 months later.

— When word got out last night at RAW that Jeff Hardy violated another drug test and would be suspended, people were shocked and in disbelief. Hardy has struggled with this problem in the past but most were under the impression that he was staying clean. Wrestlers are acknowledging that the Wellness policy is legit and they know they’ll wind up on if they fail a test.

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