Backstage Update on Angle’s WWE Status, Why There’s No Women HIAC

Despite some online rumors suggesting that Kurt Angle is gone indefinitely from WWE and may not actually be back, there are definitely plans to bring him back – possibly in a wrestling capacity – but it is unclear when that will actually happen. The idea still seems to be for Angle to feud and wrestle with Baron Corbin when he does return, which is why the two had been clashing before Angle was taken off of TV.
Angle signed with WWE under a General Manager talent contract in 2017 reportedly only for one year, but according to sources, WWE renewed the deal earlier this year as his return has worked out great for both parties, so he will be with the company for the foreseeable future.
According to Mike Johnson of, the main reason that there is no Women’s Hell in a Cell Match at this year’s PPV is because WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon didn’t want one. While it is not clear if McMahon was not happy at last year’s women’s match inside the cell, Johnson adds that McMahon definitely wanted Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton in that gimmick match instead.

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