Balor VS Styles to get a good amount of time at TLC

With a viral meningitis scare going around the WWE locker room (and a bitch of a flu hitting me right now as well), The TLC match with Finn Balor as the Demon and Bray Wyatt as “Sister Abigail” match has been called off, with Bray pulling out and A.J. Styles stepping in to take his place. Even though this takes out the storyline element, which has not made a lot of sense in even my addled mind, the match with Balor and Styles has a lot of anticipations and the word is it will still be given a good amount of time on the TLC show. The word is Balor will stork still work the match under his Demon guise, even if the storyline reasons have fallen short. No word if Styles will be using his masked persona he debuted when the WWE stopped in Japan earlier this year or if a new reason for these two to have a match other than “Why not?” will be used. In hoping both men will be of optimum health (I wish I could say the same), it should be an incredible match and may just steal the show. With news this match scheduled to be given a good amount of time, there is a lot to look forward to.

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