Baszler Blasts NXT Stars, Impact Match, Ibushi Risking Career?

Shayna Baszler has been an absolutely dominant force ever sinc she served to NXT last year. Baszler came to wrestling after a successful MMA career came to an end. She then competed in the inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament, where she made it all the way to the finals. Baszler still competes in NXT, but her friends from the world of MMA, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir, and Ronda Rousey have since made their WWE debuts as well. Baszler recently called out the Four Horsewomen of WWE during an interview with Uproxx. Baszler says that the group are not true friends in the same way that her team is. Perhaps this could signal that a “Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen” match is not far off from taking place.
The rivalry between Johnny Impact and Austin Aries has gotten quite personal over the past few days. It’s clear that these two are fighting for much more than a title. They will have the chance to style their differences at Bound for Glory soon, but Impact will have to deal with Moose before that make takes place. Impact has just announced that a live match between the two wrestlers will stream on Twitch tonight. “The Motown Showdown” will be taking place at Border City Wrestling in Detroit, Michigan in just a few minutes from now. Fans interested in checking out the match may do so at around 7pm ET. The match, along with rest of the show, is available on Impact Wrestling’s official Twitch channel.
Fans have been eagerly anticipating a match between Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi over the past number of weeks. Those same fans will be able to get a taste of that match when Ibushi faces Omega and Cody Rhodes in a 3-way match in order to determine the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Ibushi just made an interesting note regarding his upcoming title match during a recent press conference. He mentioned that Omega is the defending champion of NJPW while Cody also holds the promotion’s IWGP United States Championship. Ibushi may not have a title to defend, but he teased possibly putting his career on the line during the match NJPW’S King of Pro Wrestling event tomorrow.

Wow! Ibushi: ‘Cody has a title, Kenny obviously is putting his title on the line. I have nothing to put on the line. So I want to put my wrestling career on the line here. That’s how much I want to have a legendary match.’ #njkopw
— chris charlton (@reasonjp) October 7, 2018

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