Beating Trump, Clinton, the Pope, and Adele… Sanders Leads All for TIME 'Person of the Year'

Though the announcement of TIME magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ designation isn’t until next month, it was reported on Monday that the leading contender—at least among the magazine’s readership—is Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the Democratic presidential candidate calling for a ‘political revolution’ with his grassroots-driven campaign against establishment candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to the magazine:

Explaining the phenomenon of his surging popularity,  TIME said Sanders “has become a hero on the Democratic left among progressives disillusioned by growing income inequality and money in politics.” Though still trailing Clinton, Sanders has been attracting record-sized crowds nationwide and is polling well in the key early states of both Iowa and New Hampshire as he “casts a long shadow over the Democratic primary with his ability to introduce a progressive wish-list including breaking up the big banks, instituting public financing of elections, socialistic single-payer healthcare system and tuition free college at public institutions.”