Becky Lynch on Her WWE Tryout: “There Was No Way I wasn’t Walking out Without a Contract”


ESPN recently posted a video interview with Becky Lynch on YouTube. In the interview, “The Man” was asked about her 2013 tryout with WWE and whether or not she was confident about her chances of landing a contract.

“I remember going in without a doubt in my mind that there was just no way I wasn’t walking out of there without a contract. Just noway, nohow. I remember walking in, sizing everybody up and I’m like okay, I’m ready.”

Lynch also spoke about the women’s division during that time, which consisted of models instead of actual pro wrestlers. That may have been a big reason why many hopefuls had such a problem with the physical drills that potential Superstars have to perform.

“It didn’t matter who was there, it didn’t matter if you had the world’s most elite athletes or Victoria’s Secret models or whatever they were looking for at the time, I was getting it. I remember a lot of people dropping out during the drills. And I remember going how? How do you do that? You’ve got one chance, this is the one chance! No matter what, I was never gonna stop, I was never gonna give up and I was never gonna show them that I was tired, ever. Ever.”

Lynch had not wrestled full-time for nearly seven years when she tried out for WWE. She had suffered a head injury in 2016 and walked away from the business afterward. But Lynch felt that her timing was perfect and it was inevitable that she would indeed join WWE and become a star.

Becky was right of course. Even though it’s taken some time for her to find her way, she’s definitely a top tier Superstar now. But her biggest moment is still to come. The Man is headed for the main event of WrestleMania 35 on April 7 where she will face Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat Match for the Raw Women’s Championship.

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