Big Cass Returns, Guerrero Earns WWE Scholarship, New Year’s SD

Plenty of fans assumed that Big Cass had a bright future ahead of himself in WWE. The company did attempt to give him a push prior to an injury he received last year, and they continued to do so once he came back from the injury and feuded with Daniel Bryan earlier this year. Instead, he was released from the company amid a slew of rumors concerning heat that he had backstage. After months of remaining silent on the matter, Cass returned at Michigan’s Championship Wrestling League to cut a promo addressing his release. Now known simply as “Big C,” Cass stated that only three people in the world know the real reason why WWE let him go, and he teased explaining his side of the story someday in the future.

Lover her or hate her, there is no denying that Vickie Guerrero had a decent run for herself in WWE. Embracing the negative reactions that she would receive from most crowds, Guerrero became a fantastic villainous authority figure on WWE programming, and she has even been brought back by the company for occasional guest appearances over the years. WWE has just announced that Vickie is among the recipients for their 2018 scholarships. Along with former WWE Performance Center recruits Josh Woods and Theo Agbi, The former Raw & SmackDown General Manager will be receiving a $5,000 scholarship from WWE towards her education in science and healthcare at Herzing University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

EXCUSE US! @VickieGuerrero is one of THREE @WWE Talent Scholarship recipients this year!
— WWE (@WWE) October 5, 2018

The SmackDown brand is set to celebrate its 1000th episode in just a couple of weeks. After that show premieres on October 16th, it looks like their next biggest show will be one that takes place on New Year’s Day (after being taped on December 29th.) PWInsider has reported that the show will be taking place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and that local advertisements are showing that the the event will be headlined by a Fatal 4-Way match between The Miz, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, and AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. In addition to that title match, another bout between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women’s Championship also appears to be set for the first WWE show in 2019.

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