BJP MLA Thinks That Child Marriage Will End Elopement, Late Marriages Lead To ‘Love Jihad’

A BJP legislator from Madhya Pradesh has held late marriages responsible for elopement and “love jihad”. He said that he supports early marriages because child marriages, including those involving grooms and brides, who never saw each other before, used to last “forever”, unlike divorces that are ordinary today.

“Earlier girls and boys used to marry before they turned 18 and 21. Marriages were fixed when they used to be of tender age, and did not go astray…or (they did not) think of anyone else. Now they meet at coaching classes and some fall prey to vices like ‘love jihad’,’’ BJP MLA from Agar, Gopal Parmar, told The Sunday Express.

He believes that late marriages are a reason behind ‘love jihad’, a term used by right-wing groups for a relationship between a Hindu woman and a Muslim man, has advised parents to marry off their daughters “on time”.

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