Brock Lesnar Says He Doesn't Care For The Undertaker (Video)

Earlier this week, UFC heavyweight fighter Brock Lesnar set the record straight on his involvement at WrestleMania 27, telling Yahoo! Sports that there was no truth to the rumors that he was interested in working the show.

During a media session that took place on Tuesday to promote the new season of The Ultimate Fighter, commented on the Undertaker attending his most recent fight and their face-to-face confrontation that sparked the WrestleMania speculation.

“The other fellas that wanted to come, like Stone Cold and The Rock, and Goldberg, those guys had all said, ‘I’m coming to watch you, good luck.'”, Lesnar said. “This guy (Undertaker) shows up every time I seem to lose (laughs) so he’s like my black cloud. And we’ve got some history. I’ve worked with him, but I don’t really care for him.”

There’s more to it – check out the interview with Lesnar below:

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