Cena and HBK DVDs, Benoit Edited Out Of DVD, Candice's Theme Music Change

source: PWInsider.com

— John Cena’s “My Life” DVD will be three discs. According to Amazon.com, it will be released on November 6, 2007. Shawn Michaels’ DVD “Heartbreak & Triumph” will be released a few weeks later on November 27, 2007. It won’t be three discs as it is only a two disc set.

— A match featuring Chris Benoit has been edited off of Silvervision’s exclusive WWE in Italy DVD set that features the the TV tapings from their tour there last April. The match was a six-man tag team match between The Hardys & Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero, Gregory Helms & MVP in which the faces went over. The match aired on the 4/20 SmackDown.

— There is blog on WWE.com from Candice Michelle in which she talks about why she changed her entrance theme to a more upbeat one. Candice said, “I am going to show you guys who I really am, and to start that off, you may be wondering where my new entrance theme came from!?! I have been a huge fan of house music, and my favorite house DJs are Scooter and Lavelle! I wasn’t feeling like myself when I was coming out to my old song, so WWE gave me the privilege of having Scooter and Lavelle remix, “What is Love?” I love it!! The energy, the beats and builds, and downright craziness! I wanna be fired-up when I come down to that ring to defend my title, and this song will bring me there. I had a special part added, “raise your hands up, raise your hands up,” because I want everyone to feel it! Don’t be shy; raise your hands up and get out of your seat, because the shell has been broken!” You can read the whole blog at this link.

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