Charlotte remains Undefeated at Pay-per-views following Roadblock

Roadblock: End of The Line was named that way because it was supposed to signal the end of the Charlotte and Sasha Banks rivalry that has overtaken the Raw Women’s Division for the past few months. 
Sasha and Charlotte had the first ever IronWoman match for the WWE Women’s Championship and it was one of the greatest females matches of all time, but it was Charlotte who was the victor and she walked out a four-time Women’s Champion. 
This means that Charlotte has retained her record of being undefeated at WWE Pay-per-view events in singles matches since she was promoted to the main roster in the Summer of 2015. A record that WWE are yet to announce to the WWE Universe, but it is likely that at some point they will make use of the fact that it is there. 

Charlotte becoming a four-time Women’s Champion doesn’t sit well with many fans, who think that the Women’s Championship is easily becoming one of the biggest hot potatoes in WWE, Lita was a four-time Women’s Champion throughout her entire career and many fans are worried that Charlotte could break Trish Stratus’ decade-long record in the coming months if the title keeps changing hands so frequently. 

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