Chris Jericho Claims He Never Demanded The AEW Title: “I Wold Never Say That”

During a recent interview with The Aquarian where he discussed joining AEW, revealing he never asked to be the first champion for the company.

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Jericho earned the right to become the first-ever AEW World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Hangman Page, but it isn’t something that he demanded when signing for them.

In fact, Jericho actually labelled the title as just a prop, stating it is more important how you conduct yourself.

“It doesn’t work that way. I would never say that. The belt is just a prop anyway. The important thing is how you conduct yourself, how you work in the ring, and how you connect with the audience. That’s much more important than having a title.”

Jericho also spoke about not taking himself too seriously, which is why he is happy to mock himself during promos.

“You can never take yourself too seriously. Especially in this business. People don’t like that. Plus, if I can’t insult myself, who can I insult? I like to bust my own balls. People respond to that,” he said.

Previously in Jericho’s career, when his band, Fozzy, have been on tour he has stopped wrestling. He was asked what his plans are for when that happens down the line, with Jericho admitting that he will cross that problem when it comes.

“We’re not on tour now. When we start up again after the new album is finished, I’ll deal with it.”

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The Aquarian