Christopher Daniels Talks Potential TNA Return, Destination America

Christopher Daniels spoke to this week and commented on whether he would ever return to TNA. Daniels gave the old “never say never” answer, but it doesn’t sound like he’s optimistic about it.

“I don’t think so, not at this moment. I’ll never say never, especially when it comes to my livelihood and it would be very selfish of me to say that I’d never work in a company, in any company, when that company could conceivably be the best choice for my family. So I’ll never say that I’ll never work for TNA again, but the truth is right now with all my focus on Ring of Honor and trying to build that brand up, you know, make it more high profile, make more people aware of it. I just don’t think if I were to return to TNA that it would be a step in a different direction, and that’s not really where my interests lies.”

He also commented on TNA’s rocky 2015 as they begin a new chapter on Destination America:

“The last 6 months for TNA have been very tumultuous were very unstable and I’m glad to know the people I care about, my friends that work there, I’m happy to know that they’re with Destination America and they got more of a streamline focus for their future, that their doing well and I hope they do well.”

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