CM Punk On What He'd Do Next If He Got Fired, Gives His Thoughts On John Cena

The Advertiser published a story on CM Punk to promote tonight’s Raw SuperShow at the Cajundome in Layette, Louisiana. The Straight Edge Superstar reveals what he’d do next if he was fired today by WWE.

“I always saw myself as a wrestling superstar,” said Punk, who wanted to be a professional wrestler since he was a child. “If I got fired today, I would still be a wrestler tomorrow. I’d probably be wrestling extensively in Japan. I’m not somebody who failed at football and just tried wrestling.”

Punk is excited to face Cena at tonight’s show and said he always had to change up his moves when wrestling Cena.

“I respect the hell out of the guy because he keeps me sharp,” Punk said. “Everybody should want to face him. I never got my rematch. This is a chance for me to get the title back.”

Punk, who has wrestled since 1999, says nothing has come easy for him in the industry or in the ring.

“I’ve had to fight for everything,” he said. “There have been instances where I think, ‘Boom, I made it.’ But I still had to fight for everything. That’s why I have that chip on my shoulder. I’m always going to fight for stuff. It gets tough to watch people afforded opportunities when guys like myself are busting their ass.”

The full story can be accessed here.

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