CM Punk Trial Update: Chris Amann Seeking Close to $80 Million From Punk, Jury Convening, Key Testimony, More

Day six of the CM Punk vs Chris Amann trial continued this afternoon, with the attorneys for both sides offering their closing arguments, thus concluding the trial proceedings.

Following the arguments, the jury convened and will now deliberate and then render a verdict.

As we noted earlier today, the attorney for Amann revealed the WWE doctor is seeking $1 per stream of the 2014 “Art of Wrestling” podcast, which would total a sum of $3,989,000 in damages. Additionally, according to, the attorney revealed Amann is seeking another $75 million in punitive damages.

At the close of the trial, Punk and Colt Cabana’s attorney reportedly asked that the jury heed the common sense of the situation and judge accordingly.

The PWInsider report adds one of the more key pieces of witness testimony in the case was that of CM Punk’s massage therapist. She testified that the “lump”, which Punk has claimed Amann misdiagnosed, was located on Punk’s buttocks, and changed in both size and color until it grew to a size comparable to a golf ball.

Another key point in the trial is that Punk ended up having the lump removed by an internist, and while Punk maintained it was a MRSA staph infection, it was never actually confirmed to be a staph infection as Punk refused to pay to have the lump examined and cultured.

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A verdict in the trial is expected today unless the jury is not able to come to a decision before the close of the business day.

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