CNBC Slams WWE Stock & The WWE Network, Ryback Twitter Trolling Continues

– Ryback continues to be the biggest Twitter troll in WWE. He tweeted the following today:

“New Ryback Rules. Eat Tweet Delete Repeat”

He then deleted the message.

– has published an article slamming the WWE Network, wrestling fans and predicting that WWE stock will take a big hit as a result.

“Good news for “professional” wrestling fans: No, it’s not actually real. However, now you can enjoy wrestling 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the comfort of your parents’ basement.”

Portfolio manager John Stephenson said:

“I think they’re already on the top rope after that 111% increase last year. There’s nowhere to go but down. The core business is just deteriorating. You don’t have enough young men looking at wrestling with its scripted program. You’re looking at a model that’s in decline and valuation is stupidly high.”

CNBC is owned by NBC Universal, the same company that owns the USA Network and is currently in negotiations over WWE’s TV rights fees.

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