Cody Hall Pulled From DDT Pro Wrestling Following Inappropriate Tweet

DDT Pro Wrestling has officially confirmed that Cody Hall has been pulled from its upcoming tour due to an inappropriate comment on social media.

Cody Hall was responding to a tweet on social media when he made a comment that was deemed incredibly inappropriate by many fans. You can see what he said below:


— らぐ (@Zombiemastaahh) February 10, 2020

DDT Pro Wrestling released the following statement regarding the situation:

Cody Hall has recently made an inappropriate comment on Twitter, and we have contacted him regarding this situation. Cody Hall has apologized to us, and has also suggested withdrawing himself from the remaining dates of his tour as well as relinquishing his Anytime Anywhere contract. In light of the gravity of his comments, we have agreed to all of his suggestions above.

All announced cards including Cody Hall will be changed, and the scheduled KO-D Tag Championship Match in Nagoya on February 24 will be canceled. All updated cards will be announced once they are decided.

DDT Pro-Wrestling will keep working to provide pro-wrestling content that can be enjoyed by the fans. We sincerely apologize to everyone that has been affected by this situation, as well as all of our fans.

DDT Pro-Wrestling

Cody Hall has since taken to Twitter to apologise for his comment, which you can see below:

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— Cody Hall (@Cody_Hall1) February 9, 2020