Corey Graves Pitches Ideas to Make Survivor Series Better; Why “Brand Supremacy” Hardly Matters to Fans

WWE Friday Night Smackdown commentator Corey Graves is back with another episode of his weekly podcast After The Bell, and has a few ideas for how to turn the annual Survivor Series pay-per-view around.

Graves argues that the event, which has taken place every November since 1987, has become too fixated on the idea of “brand supremacy”. This year’s show will once again see the Raw and Smackdown rosters go to battle, but with the addition of Superstars from the NXT brand for the first time.

Here’s what Graves had to say:

“I enjoy Survivor Series. I harken back to the days when it was rivalry-based. Where you had two guys that had an issue, that were forced to assemble a team, and those two teams would do battle as a chapter in the rivalry. Sometimes it got solved, sometimes it didn’t, but it wasn’t about the brands. I understand the ‘Battle for Brand Supremacy’ – Raw vs. Smackdown vs. NXT. My question is this: does anybody in the WWE Universe really identify with a particular brand? I get that NXT has a bit more of a niche audience, but to me the whole ‘Brand Supremacy’ thing doesn’t seem to matter to anyone outside the doors of WWE. That’s not to say we can’t fix that. We just need some stakes!”

“Here’s my pitch. How about whichever brand wins the most matches at Survivor Series, you reward them with something? Maybe the 30th spot in the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches. Maybe you reward Raw or Smackdown, or even NXT – whoever wins at Survivor Series gets the main-event spot at WrestleMania. Give the WWE Universe a reason to be excited for the entire PPV. Yes you’re going to get incredible action, but put some stakes on the night as a whole. That way one brand walks away, not only with ‘bragging rights’, which is about the only thing we can really give for why these guys are trying to fight each other, but something tangible to look forward to in the future.”

Check out the video below, and you can catch new episodes of After The Bell every single week on iTunes, Spotify and all major podcast providers.

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