Daniel Bryan On How He Feels Physically Since Returning, Rumble Pressure

The following are highlights of a new Talk Sport interview with Daniel Bryan:

On if he feels pressure headed into the Royal Rumble and if the fans will be as hot for him as last year: “To be honest, I don’t feel any pressure like that. I’m pretty confident to go out there and do what I’ve got to do. What’s interesting to me to see if the crowd stays as hot for me as last year, that was pretty intense. I’m hoping that they do.”

On how he feels physically in the ring since returning: “To be honest, I had my first two matches last week and when I got home my body felt horrible. Your body adapts to pretty much anything but when you’re not used to wrestling it’s very physically tough, not to mention the travel. Last week I did three live events, then Raw and then SmackDown so when I got home on Wednesday my body was feeling pretty beat up. Yesterday it was back to being good, I’m back to feeling mobile and my neck feels really strong – yeah, it feels good!”

Check out the complete interview at TalkSport.com.

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