Details on When Ambrose Originally Hurt His Elbow; His Replacement at Live Events

— Dean Ambrose suffered a 50% tear of his triceps tendon, which means his recovery won’t take as long as a full tear, which is usually six months to a year.

— As for when the injury may have happened, it is possible that he first injured his arm/elbow/triceps at the 10/22 TLC PPV when he took a bump on a table that didnt break. His right elbow then swelled up immediately but he kept working through it and hadn’t missed a singe show.

— With Ambrose out of action for an undetermined period of time, the plan is for Jason Jordan to move up on the cards to the spot which Ambrose previously occupied at live events. This will begin to take shape after Christmas with Jordan teaming up with Seth Rollins to take on Cesaro & Sheamus.

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