Detroit Man Who Suffered From Mental Illness and Diabetes That Trump Deported to Iraq—a Country He Had Never Even Been To—Found Dead

A Detroit man who was born in Greece died Tuesday after being deported to Iraq, a country he had never been to and where he did not speak the language, making him one of the latest victims of President Donald Trump’s war on immigrants. 

“Cruelty for cruelty’s sake.”
—Hisham Melhem

Jimmy Aldaoud, 41, likely died from complications due to diabetes, his lawyer Edward Bajoka confirmed in a Facebook post. 

Bajoka detailed Aldaoud’s background and mental illness, and laid the blame for his death squarely at the feet of the White House:

“The Trump administration deported a man to Iraq who was not born there, never lived there, he came to the US as a child, he spoke no Arabic, and had type 1 diabetes,” tweeted journalist Rula Jabreal. “He died.”

In a statement, ACLU lawyer Miriam Aukerman said that Aldaoud’s death was preventable and a tragedy for Michigan’s Chaldean community.

“Jimmy’s death has devastated his family and us,” said Aukerman. “We knew he would not survive if deported.”

Aukerman added that Trump’s deportation policies are likely leading to more deaths that aren’t public. 

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