Dolph Ziggler Defends Current Triple H & McMahon Family Storyline In WWE

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler recently defended the current Triple H and McMahon Family storyline in an interview with Auburn Pub.

“Honestly, if you don’t find it interesting as a fan, then it’s on you,” said Ziggler. “Some of us hardcore fans have wanted something different, and now you’re getting this blurred reality. Are these real behind-the-scenes things taking place or part of the story? And it makes it much more fun. That’s what it’s all about: suspending reality. We give you a three-hour movie. And with the Internet and people being hardcore fans and knowing what’s going on behind the scenes, you’re not sure where the story stops and real life begins.”

Ziggler also talked about the McMahon Family eventually getting one-upped in the end. “Yeah. I’m not killing it right now, but it is setting that tone. There’s a gray area; you get to a point where they’re begging for something and someone steps up, but you also have to get there. As much as it seems to be hurting my career, personally, I hope we have sold-out arenas where people go, ‘Tonight’s the night.’ You can’t go flat-out where the bad guys win for six months — you need a nibble every now and then.”

Ziggler concluded, “In my head, I’m begging — ‘Gosh, is this my chance? Is tonight the night where I say, ‘Enough of this crap?’ I think it’s going great, it’s totally different, getting a point across, telling a story. And it is setting the tone, I’m assuming, for something big, whether I’m involved or not. I think it’s an important turn, like Batista when he was in Evolution, getting pushed around by Triple H. You’d go, ‘Is he going to get him? Not tonight.’ Then it blows the roof off. Hopefully, that’s the story we’re telling.”

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