Don Callis Tweets About Getting To Safety After Shooting At Raptors Parade

IMPACT VP and NJPW commentator Don Callis was among the 1.5 million fans present for the Toronto Raptors NBA Finals victory parade today in Canada when shots were fired injuring two civilians. Callis announced on Twitter that he got to safety in a nearby basement with several other “terrified” people.

Toronto police have reported that the situation is an ongoing investigation but reveald that they currently have two suspects in custody, and have recovered two firearms at the scene. (H/T ESPN)

No update from Callis as of yet.

UPDATE #1: Don Callis posts another tweet from the Toronto Raptors victory parade in Canada.

UPDATE #2: Video surfaces showing fans running like crazy as soon as the gun shots were fired during the parade.

UPDATE #3: Multiple additional videos surface showing reactions from different various parts of the crowd during the shooting at the parade.

UPDATE #4: Videos surface showing S.W.A.T. team arriving to handle the situation, event organizers alerting people to “get down” or “run for cover.”

Check out all of these updates, including all of the aforementioned videos and photos from the wild, tragic scene at the Toronto Raptors’ victory parade for their first-ever NBA Championship by CLICKING HERE.

  • VIDEO UPDATES Reactions In The Crowd During Shooting, S.W.A.T. Team Arrives, Don Callis Posts New Tweets …

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