Finlay Talks About His WWE Departure, Turning Down An Offer From TNA

Former WWE star Fit Finlay was interviewed by the UK Sun this week and spoke about his departure from WWE earlier this year as well as whether he’s been in talks with TNA about joining the company.

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Finlay, formerly a WWE producer/agent, was released earlier this year after he caught heat for booking a segment at a live WWE event where The Miz interrupted the singing of the National Anthem. Several members of the National Guard military force were in attendance and took offense to the unpatriotic event.

Regarding his WWE release, Finlay said:

“I do love the WWE scene and miss it tremendously but I’m not going to curl into a ball about not being there, you’ve just got to get on with it. There are no hard feelings about my release – I take responsibility for what happened.”

Finlay revealed that he did hear from TNA following his WWE release, but did not find their offer to him attractive enough to join the company.

“At one time or another they all got in touch and I listened but the offers weren’t right,” Finlay said. “They weren’t enough – it’s not like it’s my first day in the business. I’ve been doing this for 37 years now and one thing I know is that you can’t sell yourself cheap.”

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