Fireworks Malfunction Footage Online, Original Plans For WM24 & More


— has posted footage of the fireworks malfunction from WrestleMania. Everyone is incredibly lucky that the injuries were minor – this could have been a catastrophy for WWE. You can see the video here – scary stuff.

— The original plan for the Undertaker’s entrance last night was to feature 24 druids. They wound up only using 10.

— Virtually every WWE contracted talent was in Orlando over the weekend, with Big Daddy V and The Boogey Man being two exceptions. Big Daddy V missed the Wrestlemania weekend festivities and was pulled from the pre-show Battle Royal because he is suffering from pneumonia.

— Several developmental wrestlers who were in town for Wrestlemania weekend got chewed out by WWE management at the Hall of Fame ceremony. The developmental stars began taking food and eating in the catering before the main roster talents could arrive and eat, which was seen as a sign of disrespect.

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