Former Champion Signs New 3-Year Deal With Ring Of Honor

In an interview Thursday afternoon with, former ROH World Television Champion Silas Young announced that he would be signing a new three-year contract with the promotion.

“I have decided that after five years with Ring of Honor, five years of them investing in me, I have decided I’m going to sign a three-year contract with them,” Silas told PWI. ““The wrestling scene now is super-hot right now and I’m a big believer in loyalty.  Ring of Honor gave me an opportunity five-six years back and every opportunity I’ve been given since, I’ve succeeded with. I’m the type of guy that likes to stick with the team that brought me to the table, to stick with the team that believed in me from the get-go.”

Young, 39, has been wrestling for more than fifteen years and was a mainstay of the midwest independent scene for promotions like AAW and various NWA affiliates. After multiple guest spots for ROH he signed on full time in 2013, winning their TV title on two occasions while also maintaining an independent schedule.

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