Former WWF Writers Russo and Cornette At It Again

In a feud that never seemed to end, former WWF head writer Vince Russo and famed manager and WWF writer Jim Cornette are at it again.
Although the two have never really stopped fighting since they worked together in the late 1990s in the WWE as writers, the latest dust-up between them seems to stem from Cornette’s appearance on “Table for Three” for the WWE Network with Michael Hayes and Eric Bischoff. During the show, they talked about a mutual hatred for Russo and his booking style. Since then they have traded rants both on their podcasts and other social media. After a round of “apologies” that were laden with sarcasm Cornette finally issues a challenge for a fight with no press or fans so they could end it once and for all. However, in the latest wrinkle, Cornette tweeted that he has just been served with a restraining order from Russo.

We shall see where things go from here. This is not the first time Russo has filed legal action against Cornette. A few years ago Russo filed similar documents when Cornette, in another of his well-known rants, threatened to punch Vince Russo if he ever saw him again. Russo went to the authorities and filed for protection against him.
The war of words never seems to be settled, especially when both men seem to know how to rile people up and get fans to pay attention.