Gimmick Match Reportedly Returning at Battleground Pay-Per-View

Jinder Mahal has been playing up his hatred for America more and more on television lately. Jinder Mahal recently celebrated his WWE Championship win with a Punjabi Celebration on Smackdown, and he has been speaking in that language a lot more as well. WWE doesn’t seem to have any plans to have Mahal drop the title soon, so his ‘evil foreigner’ sthick appears to be sticking around for a while. However, it looks like Mahal will be wrapping up his current rivalry with Randy Orton soon, and he may be doing it in a bit of a unique way. An old, but familiar type of match is reportedly coming back to finish the Mahal/Orton feud very soon.
Sportskeeda is reporting that WWE will be bringing back the Punjabi Prison Match for the main event of Battleground. This will be the third time that WWE has put on this particular type of match, the last match took place in 2007, and it featured Indian superstar The Great Khali. The match consists of two cages made out of bamboo – one with four sides surrounding the ring, and another with eight sides that surrounds ringside. If Jinder Mahal goes on to win the match, it will actually be the first time that a Punjabi superstar has won the match. We should know if WWE is building towards the return of the gimmick match sometime this month, if not on this week’s Smackdown.
The rivalry between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal has been going on for a while, and with the emphasis on Mahal’s Punjabi roots being acknowledged more on television, it makes sense to end the feud on his terms. We will have to wait and see if the gimmick match really does return at the Smackdown-exclusive pay-per-view Battleground. If it does, it will be the first time in a decade that the match has been used. Jinder Mahal will reportedly move on to a feud with John Cena at some point down the line after his feud with Orton wraps up. That rivalry could very well be for the title, but we will know soon if it will be, Battleground will be taking place on July 23rd at the Wells Fargo Center.