Goldberg Interview: His Debut 20 Years Ago, Potentially Returning to WWE, more

— In celebration of the 20-year anniversary of Goldberg’s original WCW debut, has an interview with him online where he speaks on a number of topics, including football career, his time in WCW, his return to WWE and whether we may see him back again. Here are some highlights:

WWE.COM: You were very successful in WCW, then you did your year in WWE and your character changed a bit. Yet, when you came back last year, you returned to that very basic formula of Spearing guys and being Goldberg again. What was it like for you to go back to that state of mind?

GOLDBERG: It was very rewarding, kind of full circle. Wrestling is wrestling. It is what it is, and we all are lucky enough at certain times to acquire this other character. I’m honored and privileged to have been that guy and to have had that opportunity to be the original guy. You know, no holds barred, what you see is what you get, speak straight from the heart and I’m gonna crush your face and rip your ears off. But hey, man, I was very honored to be able to be that guy again.

WWE.COM: We’re doing this interview because it’s your 20-year anniversary. What does it feel like to be able to look back and say it has been 20 years since all this happened?

GOLDBERG: I’m friggin’ old, dude. [Laughs] Like I said, I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world. To be able to look back 20 years ago today when I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful son, and be able to share some memories with them in real time looking back on it, I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world. I couldn’t have done it without every single wrestler, coach, promoter and the fans. It’s one thing that people have always got to understand about me: I’m very appreciative of my position and I worked my a– off to get here.

WWE.COM: We have to ask: Do you think we’ll see you back anytime soon?

GOLDBERG: Ask your boss! [Laughs] Hey, man, never say never, dude. Stranger things have happened. I did sit [around] for 13 years and then suddenly appear back in the ring. Let’s just say it ain’t gonna take nearly the effort to get me ready again that it did last time. So, I’ll see you on the rebound for damn sure.

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