Goldberg on Injuring Bret Hart: “If I Really Wanted To Hurt The Guy, He Wouldn’t Have Gotten Up”

WWE Hall Of Famer, Goldberg, recently spoke with Inside The Ropes about his infamous moment injuring Bret Hart during his WCW career.

Goldberg addressed the situation honestly in the interview, making it clear that it was a total accident, one that he will always be remorseful about.

“You know what happened happened. There have been things that have been said on the internet by Bret or by other people that I was malicious or he should not have been in the ring with me, and I’m really sorry man, but if I really wanted to hurt the guy, he wouldn’t have gotten up. No joke,” Goldberg said. “But accidents happen and he was an idol of mine, still is, and that’s one thing I forever be remorseful for is the misplaced kick. There are a couple things in my career that I wished I could have changed. That was one of them. The length that I had an angle with him and my ‘inability to be professional enough’ to pull the kick, but it meant very much to me to be believable. “

Goldberg discussed how he wished he could have worked with Bret a little more during his career.

“At that time, there were many people who gave opinions, and you did not know whether they had their best interest at heart. You don’t know if they had the company’s best interest at heart or your best interest at heart. I still don’t know, and I don’t care because at the end of the day, I can only control what I can control and that is it. I’m not gonna sit and complain about anything. I’m just gonna go out and do my job. I would have loved to have worked a little more with Bret Hart, and I would’ve loved more than anything to not have kicked Bret Hart in the head.”

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Inside The Ropes

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