Grosjean misses opportunity to wear children’s helmet design

A still convalescent Romain Grosjean was forced to pull out of this weekend’s Abu Dhabi GP, which has deprived the Frenchman the opportunity of a swansong outing in F1 and with Haas.

Alas, the premature end to the Frenchman’s career as a Grand Prix driver will have also spoiled him of a chance to wear a special helmet designed by his children Sacha, Simon and Camille that features their drawings and scribbles in honor of their brave Papa.

“This is the most beautiful helmet I could ever imagine,” Grosjean wrote on social media. “It was created by Sacha, Simon & Camille for my last @f1 race in Abu Dhabi.”

While it will remain unused this weekend, Grosjean hasn’t dismissed sporting the lid at some point in the future.

“I will try to give it a ride in the future as it’s far too beautiful to stay at home unused!”


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