"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Talks Legends House Season 1, Thursday's Reunion, More

The following are highlights of a new Bleacher Report interview with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan:

The emotional season finale of Legends House: “I don’t think that was anything that was really planned. That just goes to show how close the eight of us, or the seven of us and Tony (Atlas), got over that period of time, being away from our families and just being together. I don’t’ think anyone expected that episode to go the way it did. I think Jimmy (Hart) started the ball rolling when he shared what had happened in his life and I told a story I very seldom tell. It was very traumatic for me. And then Pat went. It just goes to show how close we became.”

The Legends House reunion that was filmed earlier this year: “It was great to see everybody. It was the first time all eight of us have been together since. I had seen (Roddy) Piper an Jimmy Hart on the road and I’ve talked to Hillbilly (Jim) on the phone, but for the eight of us to get together again was a lot of fun. It was even kind of good to see Tony. The first two minutes.”

How he wants fans to remember him: “I think the character is just an extension of my personality. My old buddy Bret Hart always said “I’m the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.” I always say “I’m Hacksaw Duggan. I try hard.” I think that people saw that in me. That’s why I can still go to the ring today. People see Hacksaw is an extension of my personality. What’s out there is genuine. When I’m cheering “USA, USA” it’s coming from the heart.”

Check out the complete interview at BleacherReport.com.

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