Hogans Reuniting For Nick's Jail Release, Shamrock vs. Kimbo This Weekend

— Nick Hogan is currently serving an eight-month sentence after pleading no contest to a felony reckless driving offence following a horrific car crash in Clearwater, Florida – which left his friend and passenger, John Graziano, brain damaged. ContactMusic.com has an article up talking about how the Hogan family will be reuniting when Nick is released from jail on October 21st. According to the article, Brooke Hogan recently told Life + Style magazine, “He wants me to cook him everything that exists. MAC and cheese, cheeseburgers, salad, chicken – he’d even eat broccoli if I made it for him. Anything other than jail food.”

— This Saturday night, MMA legend Ken Shamrock will fight up and coming MMA sensation Kimbo Slice in the main event of EliteXC’s “Saturday Night Fights”, which airs on CBS at 9 p.m. ET. At a pre-fight press conference held yesterday afternoon, Shamrock revealed his strategy for Saturday night’s big fight: “Kimbo has gained a lot of notoriety, but, in my opinion, he doesn’t deserve it. Snap, crackle pop. I am going to walk across the ring, hit him on his ugly beard and break his leg.”

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