Hulk Hogan Comments On Vince McMahon's Beef With His CCW Show


Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, was one of the special guests on this week’s live edition of the “Monday Night Mayhem” Internet radio show, hosted by The Big Mosh & Blade. You can listen to the entire interview online in MP3 format at this link. Here are some highlights of what Hulk said about:

TNA’s Main Event Mafia: Recently, Hulk said that he watched TNA iMPACT, seeing the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Sting, in his business suit & without his makeup, along with the other members of The Main Event Mafia. He has the feeling of this being like the nWO…”not when the nWo was hot, but when the nWo started losing steam, when these guys didn’t wanna wrestle anymore, and all they wanted to do was talk.” He was quite impressed with what he saw out of Samoa Joe & some of the TNA Knockouts, but despite that, he said that he “does not get/understand “the eight-sided ring.” “They don’t do anything different in that ring than you would do in an old ring.” Mosh brought up the never-ending comparisons from fans around the world about The Main Event Mafia being compared to the nWO, and Blade mentioned to Hulk how the current TNA storyline with The MEM vs. The Frontline is more like “The Millionaire’s Club” vs. “The New Blood” in World Championship Wrestling, with the main point being to get the younger guys over.

Vince’s Beef with CCW: Hulk said that over the years, Vince has done whatever he could to protect the family business, and he totally understands that. However, he does not understand why World Wrestling Entertainment is coming down on Brutus, as he is simply trying to feed his family & put his kids through school. He credits the real life Ed Leslie for keeping the gimmick alive over the years, traveling from state-to-state & overseas, as Brutus has not really worked for the WWE in close to 15 years. He is also surprised at why the rain is coming down hard on Jimmy Hart, as Jimmy asked for the WWE’s permission/blessing to appear on the show & has nothing but goodwill towards everyone, and despite that, this is the unfortunate end result. Hulk described the situation, in general, as “bottom-feeder stuff” & “weak,” and that “what you throw out there will come back to you.” He also wished to add that there is not as much negative energy coming from the CCW side of things, as there is from the WWE.

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