Hulk Hogan Denies Slamming Fans On Facebook

An inflammatory message being attributed to Hulk Hogan was posted yesterday on the wrestling legend’s Facebook account.

The message read: “That’s good to know brother. But in reality it was a lot of you idiot fans that killed wcw with your lack of appreciation and support for everything we did for you. Funny enough a lot of you morons like TNA too. Go figure. HH”

Hogan later denied writing the post, claiming it was done by a miscreant user.

“Something so evil to hurt me or my fans.I assure you I would never say anything so evil about the great fans that I love and have made my Career.I have nothing but love and respect for each and every HH fan.maby somebody that knows the INS and outs of computers can get to the Bottom of this and find out who is trying to hurt my fans and my career,thank you HULKAMANIACS nothing but love and respect. HH”

He added, “Hulkamaniacs – I have verified that my account was not hacked, and the posted screen shot was made by a person who was banned from this page due to abusive behavior. The screen shot was photo shopped, and the statement was NEVER made by me. You all make what we do worthwhile. HH”

Within TNA, no one spoken to on the subject believes that Hogan wrote the fiery comments in question.

“No way Hulk did that. You should know that. His entire I love the Hulkamaniacs shtick is 100% real,” said a TNA wrestler. “He’s not like some of the guys babyfacing fans in public and then mocking them behind the scenes. He cares and means it when he says it.”

Photo of Hulk Hogan’s back tattoo ->