Impact Wrestling Results (10/11): LAX & The OGz In-Ring Summit

We are 3 days away from presents Bound For Glory and only 30 MINUTES AWAY from the final episode of IMPACT before the biggest show of the year. #BFGCOMDA
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) October 11, 2018

Last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling kicked off with a look at all of the matches that will be going down this Sunday at Bound For Glory including Impact Wrestling World Champion Austin Aries vs. Johnny Impact for The Impact Wrestling World Title, Impact Wrestling Knockout’s Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie for The Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title, Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion “The Machine” Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr & Fenix vs. oVe (Sami Callihan, Dave & Jake Crist) in an oVe Rules Six-Man Tag Team Match, LAX (Konnan, Santana & Ortiz) vs. The OGz (King, Homicide & Hernandez) in a Concrete Jungle Death Match and Eddie Edwards vs. Moose. We also see a video package from everything that went down last week including the arrival of Ethan Page and Su Yung putting Keira Hogan in a casket.

#IMPACTonPop is NOW!
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) October 12, 2018

Josh Matthews & Don Callis welcomes us to the show and we head right to ringside for the first match of the evening.
“The California Caveman” Trevor Lee vs. Jack Evans vs. Puma King vs. “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams (Fatal Four Way X-Division Match): Everyone gangs up on Lee before Puma turns Jack inside out with a lariat before Petey hits a drop toe hold into the ropes and a running dropkick. Puma takes out Petey before Lee hits a spinning uranage to Puma and stomps on Petey in the corner and whips Petey across the ring. Petey hits a tilt-a-whirl side Russian leg sweep and locks in a sharpshooter that Jack breaks up before dropkicking Petey and goes for a standing moonsault, but Petey gets his knees up. Puma hits a diving cross body and several enziguiris before he hits a mule kick to Lee and a tope to the outside to Jack. Lee hits a code breaker before Puma gets a near fall off of a Gedo clutch and drops Jack with a superkick before Jack hits a Pele kick that sends Puma off of the top turnbuckle and to the floor. Petey then hits a Canadian Destroyer to Lee for the pin and the win. Winner: “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams

.@JackEvans711 takes it to both Lee and Puma King with an incredible dropsault. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) October 12, 2018

Commentary tease that something will go down between LAX & The OGz later on on the show.

We head backstage where Rich Swann is being interviewed. He says that he is happy for Matt Sydal that he now has Ethan Page buying into his “Namaste”. Swann then says that he is not upset about it and that he has found a partner to take them on at Bound For Glory. Swann then says that it is not someone that he is going to guide, it is someone with the raw charisma that he’s got. Swann then says that at Bound For Glory Sydal & Page, “are going to need a little more than milk.” Swann then sends us to a video package for Willie Mack, which means that at Bound For Glory it will be Willie Mack & Rich Swann vs. Matt Sydal & Ethan Page.

.@GottaGetSwann has chosen Willie Mack as his partner to face @OfficialEGO and @findevan at Bound For Glory! #IMPACTonPop @Willie_Mack
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) October 12, 2018

We head back to ringside for the next match of the evening and it will be Grado vs. Maximo.

Grado vs. Maximo: They play to the crowd for several minutes before Maximo rubs all over the body of Grado and grinds against him before Grado hits a scoop slam into a falling headbutt for a quick two count. Grado rocks Maximo with right hands before Maximo headbutts him in the midsection and chops him in the corner. Grado misses a splash in the corner before Maximo goes to kiss Grado and drops him with a clothesline for a quick two count. Maximo sends Grado out of the ring with a dropkick before hitting a diving headbutt through the ropes and rolls him back into the ring for a quick two count. Maximo then kisses Grado before rolling him up for the pin and the win. Winner: Maximo

WHAT A TOPE as @MaXiMo_AAA dives headfirst at @gradowrestling! #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) October 12, 2018

After the match, Grado offers Maximo a handshake. Grade then grabs him by the head and plants him with a huge kiss as fans go wild.
We head backstage with Johnny Impact, Fallah Bahh & Eddie Edwards. Edwards is yelling about Moose turning his back on him. He tells Moose “Quinn” that if he wants to terrorize his wife then tonight he will get a taste of what he is going to do at Bound For Glory. Johnny Impact then says that tonight the three of them will take on Moose, Austin Aries & Killer Kross. Johnny then asks Fallah if he’s nervous and Fallah just says, “BAHH! BAHH! BAHH!”

Messing with @TheEddieEdwards is one thing, Moose messing with @MrsAIPAlisha took things to a whole new level. Edwards, @FALLAH1, @TheRealMorrison (and Kenny) are ready for tonight’s six man tag team match. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) October 12, 2018

A hype video for The Concrete Jungle Death Match between LAX & The OGz is shown. It recaps the violent, intense series of events that will lead to these two teams facing off at Bound For Glory.

Only a ceasefire from the bosses has prevented The OGz and LAX from destroying each other.
THIS SUNDAY in a Concrete Jungle Street Fight @SantanaLAX, @Ortiz5150 and @Konnan5150 will look to obliterate @MadKing1981, @SuperMexCTM and Homicide. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) October 12, 2018

A GWN Vault Match from Bound For Glory 2010 is shown. It features a Fatal Four Way Match for The TNA Women’s Championship between Tara, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne & Angelina Love. Tara was victorious and captured the title.
A video package is shown hyping The oVe Rules Match between Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion “The Machine” Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr & Fenix vs oVe.
We head backstage where Eli Drake is being interviewed. He complains about La Parka using a steel chair on him recently. Drake then says that he doesn’t think that La Parka will show up at Bound For Glory to accept his challenge. Drake then begins to sing “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere…” when talking about New York. Drake then plugs his open challenge for this Sunday.
The Desi Hit Squad makes their way to the ring. We are reminded that Gama Singh pitted Rohit Raju & Gursinder Singh against each other and the loser of this match will be sent back home to India.

Tough love or survival of the fittest? @GR8GamaSingh just announced the loser of @HakimZane vs. @GursinderImpact will have to go back to India! #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) October 12, 2018

Rohit Raju vs. Gursinder Singh (Loser Returns To India Match): Raju stomps Singh in the corner before Singh hits a lung blower for a quick two count and Singh locks in a triangle choke. Singh transitions into an armbar and a cross face before Raju hits a basement dropkick for a quick two count. They have exchange forearms until Singh hits a flat liner for a near fall and Raju hits a spinning neckbreaker into a sit-out face buster for a near fall. Raju then hits a jumping flat liner for the pin and the win. Winner: Rohit Raju
After the match, Raju looks like he is going to cry in the ring as he apologizes to his friend. Gama comes into the ring and slaps Raju. Gama tells Raju to get out of the ring. After Raju leaves the ring, Gama does as well and the two leave as Gama yells at Raju.
Johnny Impact, Fallah Bahh & Eddie Edwards all make their entrances separately. Edwards is dressed in street clothes and is wildly wielding his kendo stick.
Austin Aries, Money Moose & Killer Kross all come to the ring as a unit with Aries leading the way.

This group must strike fear in the heart of anybody that opposes them. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) October 12, 2018

Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards & Fallah Bahh vs. Impact World Champion Austin Aries, Money Moose & Killer Kross (Six-Man Tag Team Match): Kross starts the match with Johnny. Kross tosses Johnny across the ring before Bahh comes in and Kross drops him with a forearm before Bahh chops him and Kross drops him with a clothesline. Moose and Eddie come in next and exchange right hands and chops before Moose hits a European uppercut. Eddie counters a suplex into one of his own before catching Moose up top with an enziguiri and hits a frankensteiner for a quick two count. Moose dropkicks Eddie off of the top turnbuckle and down to the floor before Austin tosses him into the ring after kicking him at ringside. Kross softens Eddie up before the trio of Aries, Moose and Kross triple team Eddie. Eddie tags Bahh in who hits Austin with a belly to belly suplex before Austin tags in Kross and they double team Bahh before Kross beats Bahh down in the corner until the referee pulls him off as we go to commercial. Austin and company keep Bahh in their corner and cut the ring in half until he tags Johnny in and Johnny and Austin go back and forth until Johnny hits a single leg dropkick into a shining wizard and a sliding German suplex. Austin rolls Johnny up for a near fall before locking in the Last Chancery, but Johnny gets to the bottom rope for the break before Johnny drops Austin with two superkicks for a near fall that Moose breaks up. Moose drops Eddie with a headbutt before Johnny counters Go to Hell with a hurricanrana and Bahh drops Kross with a thrust kick. Austin sends Bahh out of the ring with a rolling elbow before Johnny hits a springboard roundhouse kick and Starship Pain, but Kross drags him out of the ring before hitting a Saito suplex onto the floor. Moose then hits a powerbomb onto the apron to Eddie before Austin hits Johnny with a brainbuster for the pin and the win. Winners: Impact World Champion Austin Aries, Money Moose & Killer Kross
After the match, Aries, Kross and Moose pose on the ring apron.
A hype package airs for Abyss’ induction into The Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame. It will air this Saturday night on Impact’s Twitch channel.
Josh Mathews then runs down the entire Bound For Glory card in a really slick New York styled package.
Father Jim Mitchell is shown in a gothic church playing the organ. Allie walks up from behind him and Mitchell says that he knew that he would see her. Allie then says that she needs his help to get her to The Undead Realm. Mitchell then asks her if she is looking to take back her soul and she says no. Mitchell then says that her body and her soul is in The Undead Realm and that she is living as only a half human. He goes on to say that after Su put her through that coffin Allie’s soul belongs to “him” now and points to hell. Allie then says that she needs to go down there to get Kiera and drag her out. Mitchell then says that he is a sucker for a pretty face. Mitchell then says that he will help her but he is going to want a favor later, but he doesn’t reveal what that is. Mitchell then says to meet him Sunday night. Mitchell then says that the coffin will be open and she will be able to enter The Undead Realm. Mitchell then says that there are no guarantees that she will get her friend back. The two shake hands and Mitchell laughs maniacally as they fade to black.
We head back to ringside for the next match of the evening and it is Impact Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Keyra in a Non-Title Match.
Impact Wrestling Knockout’s Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Keyra (Non-Title Match): They lock up before Tessa pushes Keyra away and they exchange forearms before Keyra hits a hurricanrana and a Michinoku driver for a quick two count. Keyra stomps Tessa in the corner before Tessa gets out or the ring, but Keyra follows her end drops her with a superkick before Tessa powerbombs her into the ring post. Tessa tosses Keyra back into the ring for a near fall before putting her in an abdominal stretch and dropping her with a clothesline. They exchange running forearms in the corner before Keyra hits a running dropkick for a near fall before Tessa hits a draping flat liner into a hammer lock DDT for the pin and the win. Winner: Impact Wrestling Knockout’s Champion Tessa Blanchard
LAX & The OGz will have their summit next to close the show.
LAX & The OGz Summit: King starts the summit by saying that he will end the myth and the legend that is Konnan. He goes on to say that Konnan shouldn’t, “trust these two marks,” when talking about Santana & Ortiz. King then says that he is not sorry about putting the hit out on Konnan and that it doesn’t affect his mentality. King then says that this Sunday their feud will end and The OGz will live forever.
Konnan responds in Spanish. The crowd starts chanting for Mexico. Konnan then says that the translation for what he just said is that all of the people in this building will help him kick their ass. Konnan then puts over their 5150 Street Fight and says that King came into their clubhouse and disrespected them. Konnan goes back to speaking in Spanish and the crowd chants “Konnan”.
Konnan then says that he raised King and validated him. He goes on to say that he validated all three of them. Konnan then says that the bosses aren’t happy and the cease fire between them ends right now. Konnan decks King and chaos breaks out as they send us to a Bound For Glory video package to close out the show.

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