‘It goes on’ – Hoddle suggests England players may be ‘tapping up’ Kane

Glenn Hoddle has suggested that England players from Man United and Man City could be “tapping up” Harry Kane during the European Championships.

Kane has told Spurs that he wants to leave the club this summer. He has spoken openly about his desire to win team trophies before he retires.

Upon hearing this news, Man United, Man City and Chelsea have all enquired about the striker. 

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If he is to leave, Kane will have to wait until after the Euros finish to secure his move. Hoddle has told Betfair that the transfer rumours will “affect” Kane a little bit:

“I’m sure it goes on. I don’t think it would go on in front of the management, but I’m sure it goes on.

“I remember talking to Ray Clemence as a player, trying to get him to come down to Tottenham from Liverpool. So yeah, it goes on, I can tell you that. But it wasn’t something I came across that was that alarming as England manager, no.

“He’s [only] human. That is going to affect him a little bit. He can say what he wants to say, but he would have preferred to have everything sorted out – whatever needs to be sorted out. He’s still on a three-year contract at Tottenham.

“But I think Harry’s a professional, he’s a team player enough to know that he’s got to switch that off and focus solely on England.

“What happens in that short period of time, it’s not a long old season he’s got to go through and have a quick break after and get it sorted. He’s got to switch his mind on.

“Some players I think it would affect, but I don’t think it will affect him on the pitch. The in-between is going to be the problem.

“The hotel and the bit of travelling, whatever. It’s just human nature. You’re going to have some sort of contact with family and agents to see what’s going on.

“But he’s professional enough to switch it off when he goes over that white line, and that’s the main thing for Gareth [Southgate] and the England team.”

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