J.R. Comments On Kennedy's Release, Torrie Wilson, Passing Of John Tolos, More

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official website, www.jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights of his latest blog:

Mr. Kennedy’s release: “Sorry to year that 33 year old Mr. Kennedy was released at the end of the week by WWE. Kennedy got the old “future endeavored” send off that has happened to many. If Kennedy can remain healthy, one would like to think that he his string of injuries is behind him, and can continue with his career in the relatively near future many feel Kennedy has the skills to be a main eventer on a consistent basis. Kennedy is a studious guy and likely won’t find it difficult to secure work. Sometimes a fresh start is good for a wrestler and I hope that’s the case for Kennedy or what ever his next wrestling name will be.”

The passing of John Tolos: “Our condolences to the family and friends of former wrestling great John Tolos who passed away at the age of 78 a day or so ago and who is considered one of the best hands on the mic ever and especially in his hey day. Tolos is famous for his run in Southern California and his 70’s rivalry with WWE HOF’er Classy Freddie Blassie. Neither man was ever considered to be a fabulous in ring performer but all they did was sell tickets because what they did they did well and both could verbalize and paint vivid word pictures that enhanced the all important emotional investment from the paying customers and sold tickets. Wrestlers who can verbalize and especially those that can ad lib and be spontaneous on the mic greatly enhance their opportunities to become stars. That art form seems to be fleeting which is not a good thing.”

Receiving an e-mail from Torrie Wilson: “I got a nice email a few hours ago from Torrie Wilson who is competing on the new NBC reality show, “I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here” that debuts on NBC on Monday June 1. I hope all wrestling fans will be watching and more importantly VOTING for Torrie to win it all. She is a marathon runner who is in great physical condition and is much more mentally tough then perhaps her reality show peers will give her credit. Torrie has a great mind set for this irreverent competition and without question she will be the hottest celeb in the rainy jungle of Costa Rica. Hey, Boise State, Torrie’s favorite college team, upset might Oklahoma once upon a time so why can’t some one from the wrestling world win a network reality show??”

Finlay’s legitimate eye issue: “Finlay has a scratched cornea from what I understand but don’t expect the tough, veteran from Belfast to miss much in ring time. WWE could use more experienced hands like Finlay to help teach the young guys right from wrong inside the ropes.”

Ric Flair possibly working with Hulk Hogan Overseas: “Perhaps Hulk should try and be Ric Flair’s opponent on some of the international destinations Ric has spoken about to various media outlets including China and South Africa. Or, better yet, what about a tag of Flair and Hogan vs. (fill in the blank)? Hey, it’s just an idea and please don’t tell me that it wouldn’t garner big PR and sell tickets especially in international lands or even in the states for a special occasion.”

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